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Baking cooling racks from TM Baking are your source for various customized sizes, baking cooling racks for sale for cooling freshly baked cakes, cookies and breads uniformly, they are elevated to keep their undersides crisp.

Custom made Cooling racks

TM baking has been providing quality stainless steel cooling racks to the industry for over 15 years. We specialize in creating custom wire racks that are designed with your needs at heart, and will make sure you get a product tailored just right!

Cooling racks are a must for any picnic enthusiast. These stainless steel models from us will keep food fresh and tasty, no matter where the gathering takes place! Interested in learning more? Just contact us!

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Cooling Rack Advantages

The stainless steel cooling rack is a crucial tool for any baker or cook. It allows you to remove hot pans without burning your hands, and helps keep food from transferring onto other dishes by limiting slipping when removing items off of the stovetop surface with ease!

Stainless steel cooling rack is one of the essential tools for baking and kitchen:

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Why choose TM baking company

We specialize in creating top-quality stainless steel cooling racks for a variety of industries. Our team works closely with our customers to ensure that they are receiving goods which will last longer than expected, and we take pride on delivering results only rivaled by few other companies out there today.

We are the most trusted wire racks, stainless steel cooling racks supplier in China. We adopt the most optimized excellant solutions to configure excellent quality wire cooling racks for commercial bakeries to maximize profits for customers.

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Hot-selling Cooling Racks

When you’re cooking up a storm, it’s important to have all of your supplies on hand. These stainless steel cooling racks are designed with consistency and convenience in mind! The durable construction ensures long lasting use while the wire design is popular worldwide – find everything that will help make preparing food easy as pie at affordable prices

The best way to ensure a crisp, browned crust on your hot loaves of bread is by letting them rest after boiling and cooling slowly. If you don’t have time for this step in the recipe process then use an ordinary wire rack that will still

provide excellent results! These stainless steel food grade 304 materials make it easy because they’re safer than traditional methods while having more convenience features like being able easier clean up when needed

without worrying about sticking somewhere unhealthy or getting blood baked into the pan due accidents caused from human error during cooking sometimes even though those could happen regardless if there were better designs available.

Cooling Racks Generally Sell well

Avoiding the hassle of trying to figure out which rack is perfect for your oven, our stainless steel cooling racks are here! With sizes ranging from small through x-large you’re sure find something that will work with whatever size bread or cake ingredients suits your needs.

Baguettes Wire Rack Tray

The stainless steel wire rack is perfect for your kitchen, commercial bakeries and  french bread production line. It’s available in different sizes which makes it suitable to be used in a wide range of applications!

Product highlights

♦ Ø 7 and Ø 8  – 304 stainless steel solid wire frame, it can make up to 5 or 6  or for more long loaves just right for your requirements.

♦ Sturdy Stainless Steel Frame – The stainless steel wire is of high quality and good durability. It won’t rust, it’ll last for years!

♦ Durable Construction – The stainless steel wire frame of this tray gives it extra and strong support, making the whole thing much more durable.

♦ Stainless steel wire frames are available for those who want to take the rustic look without any coating, the wire tray is easy clean up.

Overall Dimensions:

Length: 600/700/800mm

Width: 400/500/600/700mm 

Height: 45mm

Cookie Cooling Rack With raising feet

If you’re looking for an excellent kitchen appliance to help with storing and cooling baked goods, then this stainless steel rack is perfect! It can hold large amounts of food while maintaining their fresh taste.

Product highlights

♦ The professional quality of this baking and cooling rack will astound you. Made from top grade #304 surgical stainless steel, it’s free from metal plating or coatings that can chip scratch transfer toxins to your food – no matter if pro baker or amateurs alike! marvel at its incredible craftsmanship durability in both beginners hands as well as those experienced cooks looking for an upgrade on their current setup.

♦The Last Confection Baking and Cooling Rack is a must-have for any kitchen. This versatile rack allows you to bake, cook or roast with perfect desserts in mind – it has been designed from paying close attention to how high your food will be off of the ground so that there’s plenty room left over on top! Plus its specially made design provides optimal air circulation which helps prevent burning while simultaneously speeding up baked goods cooling time too.

♦ The professional rack is a great choice for your kitchen needs. It can hold up to five pots and pans at once, making it easy when cooking dinner or dessert alike! This all-in one design easily handles fried chicken with crispy bacon as well delicious pastries from the oven without getting burned thanks its extra strong cross bars that support each pan beautifully while also raising feet accurately set so they won’t touch any hot surfaces below them during use.

♦The cooling rack is dishwasher safe and can save you money on your electricity bill! Just put any spills in the machine, let it do all of work for us while we relax with our iced tea or coffee.

Overall Dimensions:

Available for customing varous dimentions:




Cooling Rack In Oven

Let your bread cool thoroughly before slicing. A great way of doing this is by transferring it from an oven heated to 179 degrees Fahrenheit (81 Celsius) and letting sit overnight with ample room for ventilation around the outside; once fully baked, remove outer layer or patting down gently so that steam doesn’t escape while still keeping some form preserving shape – but don’t overdo!, place on wire cooling rack until drops off register at least three inches deep without being touched.

Product highlights

Oven Safe: Make sure your food’s fresh with this high-quality wire mesh rack set. The solid stainless steel construction will keep it cool, and the tight weave of each pan allows for even heating to reduce wasted energy!

Great sizes: This oven rack is a healthier alternative to traditional ones because it’s designed with your specifications in mind and will fit nearly any standard size kitchen. The sliding over pans, elevating food off fat or grease while still cooking on top so you don’t have oils running all over!

No Warp: With our durable cooling racks for cooking and baking, you won’t have to worry about warping or wobbling. The stainless steel construction will make sure your master chef’s work is never In vain!

Fast Cleaning: The dishwasher-safe design of these baking cooling racks makes them easy to use, wash and store.

Overall Dimensions:

Available for customing varous dimentions:





Stainless steel Baking Cooling Rack

The professional rack is the perfect tool for any kitchen. This all-in one device can handle everything from fried chicken and crispy bacon, to savory roasted veggies or potatoes in their natural state; but if you want them golden brown then this baking sheet will do just that! The extra strong cross bar support allows pots of chili (or other heavy foods) with ease because they’re raised on durable feet which never gets cold during those winter months when we crave something comforting after dinner–throat friendly too since it warms quickly.

Product highlights

Oven Safe: The solid stainless steel construction of our wire rack set makes them perfect for cooking and cooling. Talk about the full package!

Great sizes: Healthy Oven Racks
A healthier alternative to traditional ones, these racks are designed with your specifications in mind and will fit nearly any standard size kitchen. They slide over pans so you can elevate food off fat or grease while still cooking on top!

No Warp: If you’re a professional chef, I’ve got the perfect accessory for your kitchen! Our durable cooling racks are made from high quality stainless steel and will keep any dish fresh. With this sleek design that won’t bend or warp no matter how much weight is placed on them – it’s time we put our faith in experts who know what they’re doing

Fast Cleaning: The dishwasher-safe design of these baking cooling racks is a major convenience for busy professionals who want to make sure their kitchen stays clean and organized.

Overall Dimensions:

Available for customing varous dimentions:





How we work Stainless Steel Cooling Racks

TM’s success is built on its commitment to becoming a competitive and customizable expert in the baking cooling racks, with technical skills that lead others. We always strive for value while providing excellent solutions by identifying

problems before they arise as well pro-actively solving those same issues when contacted about them through customer service channels or via email correspondence  between team members at both ends of an order cycle .

Our durable stainless steel wire cooling racks design sets us apart from our competitors who use cheap metal steel components which will eventually cause corrosion; this means less maintenance time spent cleaning up messes like errant.

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Transparent and Direct factory price

We at TM wholesale stainless steel cookie cooling racks in various sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

Whether you need a single rack or an entire batch, we have what it takes! Contact us today for more information on pricing as well as delivery

capabilities-we’re here 7 days per week ready serve all customers who want high quality products without breaking their budgets along with them.

The Lead time of production and shipping

 What you need to know the lead time of production and shipping? Understanding the process of production and transportation has important and decisive significance for your terminal’s expected use. Here’s what you need to consider

STEP 1: Designing time

The design process can be daunting, but with 2 hours you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your specifications were met and delivered on time!

STEP 2: New tooling time (for custom made)

Making new tooling is a time-consuming and expensive process. It takes 7 days to make the mold test, which means it will take at least that long before you can manufacture your product with these tools in place!

STEP 3: Material preparation time

It usually takes 3 to 7 days for material orders. After the raw materials come back and pass inspection, we'll produce according our production schedule

STEP 4: Manufacturing time

Less than 5000 pieces of orders, it generally takes 7 days to complete all processes

STEP 5: Inspection and packing time

The goods have passed their inspection and will be packaged as export standards. They're designed to protect the transportation of your products during all stages, from loading onto ships at ports or airports right up until they reach their final destination abroad!

STEP 6: Loading and custom clearance time

2 days are needed to unload the trucks and load their goods from factory. Another two days will be needed for custom clearance after landing in your country, if everything goes smoothly then there is no need of worry!

STEP 7: Sea shipping time

The shipping time by sea for most orders is 15-40 days. However, depending on where you're ordering from and the port of destination your item may take longer or shorter than this amount will predict! When placing an order please contact our sales staff if there are any questions regarding specific delivery times as they vary per location.

STEP 8: Shipping documents

Once your shipment has been loaded, we will send you a bill of lading and certificate. You can then use these documents to clear customs with ease!

STEP 9: Notification of cargo arrival

When your shipment arrives, you'll receive an alert. You can plan how to pickup the goods then and there or schedule a time for delivery.

Support with Questions And Answers (FAQ)

We’re here to help you find an answer. If there is something that we can do for your needs, please let us know!

The cooling racks available in a variety of sizes from 1.5 mm to 8mm, depending on customer requirements.


With its sleek design and high quality material, this stainless steel cooling rack will make cooking food a breeze. It's perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle who wants to stay healthy but still enjoy tasty meals!

Health experts advise against using the metal wire cooling rack with painted in Chrome it may be harmful to your health.

The average lifespan of a cooling rack is 10 to 15 years, depending on use and care. Water or fat might build up in the system over this time period which can lead it fail early due for various reasons like rusting.

With a quick search, you'll be able to find what your needs are. We have everything from large cooking surfaces perfect for families with multiple people eating at once all the way down through small individual ones just right if only yourself or maybe one other person wants some food cooked!

Stainless steel is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Custom-made cooling racks usually take 7 to 15 days, so your order will be shipped as soon as possible!

Commercial food grade stainless steel, constructed from heavy duty 18/10 polished quality material.
A commercial kitchen is full of valuable equipment that must be handled with care and respect for its condition - this includes all the cooking utensils as well! Make sure your whites don't get dirty because if they do then there will probably start to appear some brown stains which could lead onto entire destruction since these items are not only expensive but also difficult (if not impossible)to clean professionally due at least partially their design complexity.

Stainless steel wire racks are an excellent choice for automatic systems in conveyors. They can handle high volumes with minimal downtime due to their corrosion resistance, making them perfect choices when it comes down to durability!

There is no cost for a stock cooling rack sample with free shipping, but you will have to pay the shipping fee if it ships outside of China.

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