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Custom specifications ensure that your pan making process is customized for the best possible results
Makes production easier and more efficient by producing exactly what you need rather than wasting time or material on unused items.

Baguette pan solutions

Interested in our pan baguettes? Or do you need us to share with you reasonable optimized custom solutions for your automated production line that helps improve capacity, reduce waste.

baguette french trays

TM baking with 15 years of full service as a manufacturer in the baking industrial field has helped countless companies optimize their process. 
We custom-made your french bread pans, experienced bakers! We always care about what is important to you and will do our best to meet all demands made by any customer.


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TM baking solutions
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Why TM baking

When you need to produce a large quantity of multiple loaves, our custom baking buagette trays will help increase production efficiency and cut down on labor costs. We offer an array of sizes for any type or style pan that is needed in your bakery and restaurant equipment!

TM baking is a leader in the manufacturing industry and we have been providing services for over 15 years. We specialize on automating production lines, saving costs through improved efficiency rates as well reducing waste by producing innovative solutions that meet customer needs!

baguette tray

Hot-sellingBaguette baking pan

Designed with consistency and convenience in mind. The durable aluminized steel or aluminum alloy construction of this tray ensures long-lasting use. The trays are selling well in worldwide. Find everything you’re looking for and more, all at affordable prices to meet your restaurant equipment and bakery. 

Our custom industrial baguette baking trays, crafted from high-quality aluminum with a 1.0mm or 1.2mm thickness. These perforated trays feature a non-stick Teflon coating for easy release and effortless cleaning.

Compatible with all baking systems, they’re ideal for high-volume production, ensuring consistent, professional-quality baguettes every time. Upgrade your bakery’s efficiency and quality with our premium baguette trays.

Baguette pans Sell well

These high-quality baking pans are perfect for use in commercial bakeries. With a sturdy aluminum construction and perforated design, they provide great ventilation and heat distribution for evenly baked baguettes. Plus, the non-stick Telfon coating ensures easy cleanup.

6 - slots French bread pans

Perforated baguette baking trays are a must-have for commercial bakeries. They’re made of sturdy aluminum with 1mm or 2mm thickness, and allow for air flow while protecting against spills. The non-stick surface, made with Teflon coating, makes them easy to clean after use.

Product Highlights

The baguette pan is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy and has a nonstick Teflon coating for consistent, great results. Its design ensures even heating for perfect bread every time.

Thicker bakers prefer this durable and long-lasting material. Using this nonstick pan requires less oil, shorter baking time, and low energy consumption, while also making cleaning easier.


6 – Slot Width: 55mm
6 – Slot Depth: 22mm
6 – Slot Length: 600mm
Overall Size: 400x600mm

8 – Slot Width: 60mm
8 – Slot Depth: 22mm
8 – Slot Length: 800mm
Overall Size: 600x800mm

5 - slots Pan baguette

Aluminum trays with a perforated design are ideal for commercial bakeries. They promote air circulation and prevent sticking, resulting in crispy bread on the outside and soft in the middle. You can choose from two thickness options: 1mm or 2mm.

Product Highlights

Our nonstick aluminum baking pans are designed to protect your dishes from scratches and damage. The Teflon coating allows for quick food release, making meal prep a breeze.

For those seeking delicious and perfectly textured bread, the baguette baking pan is an excellent choice. Made of aluminized steel, it evenly heats the bread and prevents warping, keeping your loaves fresh for longer.

To achieve the best non-stick coating, use less natural cooking oil, reduce baking time and energy consumption, and enjoy easier cleaning.


5 Slot Width: 66mm
5 Slot Depth: 28mm
5 Slot Length: 600mm
Overall Size: 400x600mm

4 Slot Width: 88mm
4 Slot Depth: 30mm
4 Slot Length: 600mm
Overall Size: 400x600mm

8 - slots baguette Baking pan

The aluminum perforated baguette baking trays are perfect for making your favorite French bread. Made from quality materials, these durable shields will provide long lasting performance and can be used in any type of oven!

Product Highlights

This heavy-duty aluminum pan provides even heating for tender and delicious food, with the added benefit of a nonstick surface for easy removal from the oven. The 1mm thick aluminum heats up quickly and evenly, and reinforced edges prevent warping, ensuring long-lasting use.

To achieve the best non-stick surface, use less natural cooking oil, reduce baking time and energy consumption, and enjoy easier cleaning.


8 Slot Width: 66mm
8 Slot Depth: 26mm
8 Slot Length: 800mm
Overall Size: 600x800mm

7 Slot Width: 70mm
7 Slot Depth: 26mm
7 Slot Length: 800mm
Overall Size: 600x800mm

12 - slots baguette pan

The perforated french bread pans are perfect for commercial bakeries and making multiple loaves ! They’re made of aluminum with a 1.0mm or 1.2mm of thickness, and they have a perforated, non stick surface that’s coated with commercial-grade Telfon.

Product Highlights

Our industrial baguette pans are made of professional-grade aluminum that is both durable and lightweight. You can store more in your fridge without worrying about weight or energy costs. The nonstick surface makes cleaning a breeze, simply wipe away any leftover butter or sauce with hot water.

The 1mm thick aluminum heats up quickly and stays at a consistent temperature, ensuring even cooking. Reinforced edges prevent warping for long-lasting use.

Creating a healthier and more sustainable environment through non-stick cookware involves using less oil and reducing cooking time.


12 Slot Width: 70mm
12 Slot Depth: 26mm
12  Slot Length: 1000mm
Overall Size: 800x1000mm

2 - slots baguette baking pans

Look no further than our line of  trays! Made from sturdy aluminized steel with a commercial-grade Telfon coating, these trays are built to last and ensure even heat distribution.

Product Highlights

The pan is designed for even heating, ensuring perfect bread every time. This durable and long-lasting material is preferred by experienced bakers.

Non-stick pans require less oil and cooking time, making them a great choice for healthier and more energy-efficient cooking. By using these pans, you can save on utility bills. The key to excellent results is to use less natural cooking oils.


2 Slot Width: 65mm
2 Slot Depth: 35mm
2  Slot Length: 385mm
Overall Size: 385x175mm

General applications

TM baking is a company that offers services for both large and small-sized bakeries. They provide automation solutions in the industrial bakery industry, as well with many other types of food equipment companies through cooperation agreements . This gives them flexibility when it comes to serving 1000s more wholesale clients at home or overseas markets without any problem whatsoever!

How we work

TM’s success lies in its commitment to becoming a competitive and customization expert and leading manufacturers in the baking field, and in identifying strongly with our technical skills.

This sense of responsibility means we always strive to add value and are pro-active in solving problems and provide excellent baking solutions.

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Transparent and Direct factory price

The prices which we offer for baking pans are reasonable and transparent. There is no middleman, you can save lots of purchase costs and communication costs.

If you have any ideas for baking pans, contact with TM technical team, our team is attentive to serve you 7 days a week.

The Lead time of production and shipping

 What you need to know the lead time of production and shipping? Understanding the process of production and transportation has important and decisive significance for your terminal’s expected use. Here’s what you need to consider

STEP 1: Designing time

It takes 4 hours from engineering design to audit confirmation on your specification and requirement

STEP 2: New tooling time (for custom made)

Making new tooling New tooling making It takes 15 days to make new tooling making and complete the mold test

STEP 3: Material preparation time

Material ordering generally takes 3 to 7 days. After the raw materials come back and pass the inspection, formally produce according to the production schedule

STEP 4: Manufacturing time

Depending on the complexity of the process and the order quantities, less than 3000pcs of order, generally it takes 7 days to complete all the processes

STEP 5: Inspection and packing time

Inspection passed, the goods will be packaged as export standards and transportation safety standard

STEP 6: Loading and custom clearance time

It takes 2 days to arrange trucks loading goods from factory and custom clearance

STEP 7: Sea shipping time

Generally, it takes the shipping time from 15 days to 40 days. Depending on the port of destination, the shipping time is not same. When placing an order, please contact our sales staff for details

STEP 8: Shipping documents

Once the goods have already been on board, we will send you the bill of lading and certificate of origin, invoice and packing list for custom clearance

STEP 9: Notification of cargo arrival

Once the goods arrive at your destination, you will receive an alert. You can plan how to pickup your shipment

Support with FAQ

If you have not found your answers, just ask us!

The aluminum baguette pans are available in 0.8mm, 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm.

Aluminized steel are available in 0.6mm, 0.7mm 0.8mm 1.2mm, 1.5mm.

The aluminum bread pans are available in 1.0mm, aluminized steel are available in 0.6mm, 0.7mm 0.8mm 1.0mm.

The aluminized steel bun & roll pans and cake trays are available in 0.8mm 1.0mm.

Teflon is used for bread pans with low sugar content, Silicone is used for cake pans with high sugar content, both coatings are easy to clean.

Teflon will last for approximately 2,000 releases. Silicone will last for approximately 1,200 release

Yes, you can buy the bagutte baking pans direct from our factory.

Stock baking pans will be shipped within 24 hours after full payment arriving.

Custom made baking pans usually take 15 to 35 days.

Yes, all of our baguette pans are constructed of commercial food grade materials.

Yes, all the baguette baking trays can be customized any pans we offer to work with automatic conveyor systems.

Yes, you can order a stock pan sample with free, but you will have to be asked to pay shipping fee.

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